Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage

Camouflaged people blend into famous London backgrounds to promote new season of Covert Affairs TV show.

Female “spies” were painted by talented makeup artist Carolyn Roper.

Advertising campaign was commissioned by “Really” TV channel.

Carolyn Roper

Blending into Background

Urban Camouflage Art

Make-up Artist Carolyn Roper

Urban Camouflage in London

Covert Affairs Urban Camouflage

Body Painter Carolyn Roper

Camouflage Art in London

Camouflage Art by Carolyn Roper

Camouflage in London

Camouflage Body Art

Camouflage Art

Camouflage Body Painting

Covert Affairs Camouflage

Also check out: Invisible Man and Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

  1. reason

    B-team. If I hadn’t seen a true master do this, I might feel differently. But I’m guessing a commissioned artist on a timeline and budget did their best.

  2. Dominic

    isnt she just copying the Chinese guy that did this a while back..? Nice work tho!

  3. Gert

    Yah, I’ve seen this done better actually. She needs to work harder on her technique and her understanding of light movement then get back to us.

  4. nerd

    much better if nude

  5. Mark

    Ease up there people. It’s just art.

  6. Max

    Why are people so butt-hurt about this project? Usually similar “less good” projects on toxel don’t get this treatment. Anyway it’s advertisement and it got its job done.

  7. Fillibert

    the chinese guy that was the “artist” was the model, this lady is getting credit where it’s due

  8. Enrico Martinez

    I’ll just pick up some squash, and kiss the onions.
    (3rd picture)

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