Banana Wet Floor Sign

Banana Wet Floor Sign

Creative sign looks like a banana peel and warns people about wet floors.

Banana Cone is a bright yellow wet floor sign. Durable and Stackable!

Banana Cone

Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign

Banana Cone

Banana Wet Floor

Caution Wet Floor

Banana Peel Wet Floor

Wet Floor Sign

Banana Caution Wet Floor

Caution Wet Floor

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  1. Tahere

    Why banana?

  2. Ru

    /\ because it’s a long standing joke that people slip on banana skins. Have you never watched cartoons or read comics or played Mario Kart?

    I think it’s great! It would make me smile if more little things like this had some fun injected into them.

    Guess it might not stack as well as normal cones though :(

  3. Ashe

    I like Bananas.

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