10 Cool Products Inspired by Puzzles

10 Cool Products Inspired by Puzzles

Unusual products and creative designs inspired by the jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Serving Board

This awesome cutting board lets you cut up your food and then serve it on separate pieces of the board itself without wasting a single plate.

Puzzle Serving Board

Puzzle Lamp

This cool multifunctional lamp with a whimsical design can take on a variety of forms to suit your needs and imagination.

Puzzle Lamp

Puzzle MP3 Player

Creative MP3 player from Aigo inspired by jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Puzzle MP3 Player

Puzzle Wine Rack

Designed by Gideon Dagan, the Puzzle Wine Rack is completely modular, and the pieces can be connected in almost endless configurations.

Puzzle Wine Rack

Puzzle Floor

Solid hardwood pre-finished flooring based on 13×13 inch squares that interlock in a jigsaw puzzle fashion.

Puzzle Floor

Jigsaw Puzzle Rug

With this rug by Katrin Sonnleitner you can puzzle your own floor.

Jigsaw Puzzle Rug

Mirror Puzzle

Cool jigsaw puzzle inspired mirror that you can hang on your wall.

Mirror Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Pillows

For children and those young at heart: pillows inspired by puzzle pieces. They can be puzzled for fun or simply just serve as pillows.

Jigsaw Puzzle Pillows

Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Imagine the effect of pieces running down the center of a party table, or individual jigsaw cookies decorated with the names of your guests.

Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Jigsaw Puzzle Table

This cool table consists of individual jigsaw puzzle shaped pieces that fit together perfectly.

Jigsaw Puzzle Table

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Gift Ideas
  1. GQ

    I know what kind of hardwood I’m getting in my house!

  2. Final

    Like the mirror one

  3. Sam

    Really want the pillow!!!

  4. Mr. Rombong

    nice mirror

  5. ajayjshah

    That wood floor is amazing and quite clever. Very unique. Honestly, I would consider this type of design in the future. Thanks.

  6. bdotcalm

    I like all of these. It would be great fun to put together my own rug.

  7. Dr Bones

    love the wooden puzzle floor! and the wine rack would be even more awesome if it was in wood!

  8. Luiz Paulo Monteiro

    Cool, really cool!!
    If I had a little bit of time, i´ll post it.
    Nice cookies, mirror, everything!!


  9. Mask

    all these are just brimming with awesome. i soo want the floor – that would make a hell of a conversatio piece.

  10. Dan

    Doesn’t seem like it would be a good idea to hang that mirror. (And what’s creative about a puzzle-piece-shaped MP3 player? That just seems like lazy design…)

  11. Melissa

    The puzzle hardwood floor would be perfect for a game room!

  12. Karin L.

    I like it!

  13. aditia

    cool stuff, next we can make a laptop as easy as puzzle :lol

  14. Stephanie Horn

    The puzzle flooring it kitsch, but I kind of like it.Not for my house, but maybe a hotel, bar or restaurant.

  15. delere

    I like the MP3 player and the wood flooring. FUn stuff.

  16. Fresh

    absolutely love the puzzle cookie cutter

  17. handy

    ooouu.. really fresh idea.

  18. Kit

    very nice Idea~~ I like the floor ~

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