Water Mat

Water Mat

Innovative floating mat allows people to walk, jump, run, and play on water.

WaterMat is lightweight, safe, and very easy to use. Multi-person water toy provides countless hours of summer vacation fun for kids and adults.

Now you can finally do relaxing yoga in the middle of a beautiful lake.

Relax on Water

Floating Mat

Jump on Water

Play on Water

Run on Water

Run on Water

Play on Water

Water Toy

Yoga on Water

Stand on Water

The WaterMat


Water Floating Mat

Floating Mat

Relax on Water

Water Sports

Water Sports

Yoga on Water

Fun on Water

Walk on Water

Innovative Water Toy


The Water Mat


Walk on Water

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Gift Ideas
  1. Marko

    Jesus! Where can I get one?

  2. Jesus

    In a shop my son

  3. Ru

    Oh awesome… great place to rest without all the effort of swimming back to shore. Good spot to put your bottle of water too.

  4. Jeo

    Not a bad idea actually…Could be used for life guards on sea and even large boat escape exits… Would be amazing to see if you could travel somewhere on it :p

  5. Ryyx

    Soooo its a foam mat… breaking new ground here…

  6. Serhio

    Everything is nice, but the price

  7. cole

    Seems like a good alternative to temporary floating docks

  8. Silas

    What a cool idea. Maybe they should expand this to like… Survival situations. Imagine having that if you were stuck some place and you had no way to make a raft or boat. Granted, it might not hold up well in a storm if the water wells around where you’re sitting, but still.

  9. Black Lotus

    Very cool idea! I like it. :)

  10. Jimbo

    This is way cool. Add some zippers and create most any design for survival or just fun.

  11. Bradley

    Its like $800 :(((((((((

  12. Xcallibur

    Nice.. even if its expensive..its worth it..

    The cost will come down later..

  13. Payaam

    Very Cool!
    (the first two comments are too funny by the way!)

  14. Don

    Agree, the first two comments are just too funny!

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