Yoga Chair

Yoga Chair

Innovative fitness chair hangs from the ceiling and allows people to do aerial yoga, acrobatic movements, and stretching exercises.

After the workout, Zen Circus yoga chair transforms into a comfortable hammock that is perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Designed by Alexia Moisan, Caroline Kermarrec, and Kevin Geffroy.

Zen Circus

Antigravity Chair

Zen Circus Chair

Fitness Chair

Zen Circus Fitness Chair

Suspended Chair

Fitness Furniture

Zen Circus Yoga Chair

Hammock Chair

Antigravity Yoga Chair

Aerial Yoga Chair

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    It looks very comfy and useful!

  2. chillaroo

    a hammock, its a hammock…

  3. John

    Chillaro, it must of been influenced by it then , but yeah I know what you mean..

  4. Gert

    And an expensive hammock at that….

  5. Douglas

    and not a very comfortable hammock either…

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