Aquarium Bed

Aquarium Bed

Comfortable bed with large custom made aquarium that holds 650 gallons of water and surrounds you when you sleep.

Beautiful headboard aquarium was designed for Furnitureland South by Wayde King and Brett Raymer of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

Aquarium Headboard

Aquarium Bed Frame

Furnitureland South Aquarium

Furnitureland South Aquarium Bed


Tanked Aquarium Bed

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  1. Max

    So instead of your dog or cat occupying half of your bed they have designed an immovable object that occupies half of your bed… great. I would probably also bust my head open on one of the sharp edges of the aquarium on a nightly basis. However, the thing that would really keep me awake during the night would be the smell coming from that thing.

  2. chillaroo

    does that light tan you?
    did they consider that fish have different day/night cyclus? who can sleep under such light?

  3. Sharyn

    Awesome! What a great way to draw people into the store. I really liked the chest of drawers at the front of the shop too.

  4. perchik

    this was built on the animal planet show “Tanked.” In the show they were pretty clear that it was a prop piece. It’s designed to drum up business not actually be slept under.

  5. Dominic

    Max: Thats is the most negative yet funny comment i’ve ever heard lol

    Cool Design though, im sure many kids would love this!

  6. Libeerian

    This would provide a reasonable explanation for the fishy smell on my sheets…

  7. Nisa Zul

    Seriously?! With the sharp edge? And the light?! Wow! Not for me then….

  8. AquaticDeath

    perfect for hydrophobics.

  9. Soheil

    not interested

  10. Eugene

    Wouldn’t want to bang that headboard too hard….

  11. Dax

    @ Max hopefully you’d be the only one to bust your head.

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