Paper Art by Maude White

Paper Art by Maude White

Beautiful works of art hand-cut out of paper by talented artist Maude White.

Ordinary paper carefully transformed into birds, animals, humans, leaves, furniture, and whimsical characters.

Maude White

Paper Artist

Paper Artist Maude White

Intricate Paper Art

Paper Cut Art

Paper Cut Art by Maude White

Papercut Art

Papercut Art by Maude White

Maude White Art

Maude White Paper

BraveBird Paper Art


Paper Artwork

Paper Artwork by Maude White

Maude White Paper Art

Paper Hand

Brave Bird Paperwork



Paperwork by Maude White

Paperworks by Maude White

Paper Artworks by Maude White

Paper Fly

Paper Strips

Paper Artworks

Artist Maude White

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  1. Gert

    Holy crap that’s some skill!

  2. NE DO

    Mind blown!

  3. Kathy

    What amazing and intricate work! Just beautiful. Although it’s monochromatic, each one just comes alive. You have incredible talent!

  4. Rob

    ummm… my ADD would have kicked in hard after about 2 minutes of doing this. She’s got some skill, and some mad patience to be able to sit there and do this for hours at a time.

  5. Shilov

    Loving the amazing talent on display here. Would love to see one in color, just to see what that would look like.

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