14 Cool and Unusual Beds

Cool and Unusual Beds

Unusual and creative beds that will make a great addition to any bedroom.

Book Bed

Amazing storybook bed created by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki. [more]

Book Bed

Concrete Bed

Stylish modern bed made out of concrete by Francesco Passaniti.

Concrete Bed

Inflatable Bed

Nappak inflatable bed folds into a small tube when not in use.

Inflatable Bed

Mouse Trap Bed

Mouse Trap Bed

Edible Bed

Creative bed made out of chocolate cakes by Leandro Erlich.

Edible Bed

Bamboo Bed

Wooden bed made of bamboo will create peaceful and tropical atmosphere in any bedroom.

Bamboo Bed

Elephant Bed

Creative bunk bed designed to look like a cute elephant.

Elephant Bed

Wagon Bed

Wagon Bed

Storage Bed

Modern bed with integrated dresser has plenty of storage space.

Storage Bed

Tunnel Bed

Unusual private furniture created by Noga Berman can be used for lying down or for storage of bed sheets and blankets.

Tunnel Bed

Sandwich Bed

Sandwich Bed

Pillow Bed

Giant pillow made from waterproof fabric cab be used as a bed.

Pillow Bed

Knitted Bed

Creative bed made out of giant threads by Bauke Knottnerus.

Knitted Bed

Camper Van Bed

Unique van inspired bed comes with a desk and comfy seating.

VW Bus Bed

Camper Van Bed

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Gift Ideas
  1. tim

    holy poop the sandwich!!!!

  2. Stephan

    Mouse Trap Bed FTW!

  3. Michigan

    Want book bed

  4. kadal

    haa….bamboo bed, i’ve slept on that since i was a kid..
    knitted bed was awesome

  5. jacob

    i would definitely make the mistake of sitting on the edible bed… chocolate butt

  6. Elena

    love the storage bed.
    very useful for someone with a small room.

  7. Benjamin Christine

    Mouse trap bed! woohoo!

  8. Waleed

    Wow knitted and tunnel bed are so relaxing!

  9. renato

    The Knitted Bed is a copy of “BOA” Campana’s Brothers..

  10. Danyell

    I like the knitted bed.

  11. Me

    Meh. I’d rather have a regular old bed with a cool and unusual woman _in_ it. X/ And the “storage bed”? Waterbeds had that option 30 years ago. Damned kids – get off my sheets!

  12. ics

    i wouldn’t sleep under an elephant…

  13. Darrell


  14. VinceVega

    storage bed isn’t a new idea.

  15. marcel

    i was dying to see the always sunny taco bed!

  16. TheGuy

    Storage bed FTW!Lack of space or not it is a well designed piece.Good enough looking for your average Joe n not only that, USEFUL!

  17. chocolate butt

    I LOVE the chocolate bed

  18. michelle vo

    want elephant bed!!!!

  19. Anna

    love the elephant and the van beds!

  20. Joy

    the pillow bed is awesome

  21. naomi

    how much is the camper van bed the pink one i have been looking everywhere for a pink one

  22. ava

    The book bed looks awesome!

  23. lisha

    The sandwich bed is amazing

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