15 Examples of Creative Advertising

15 Examples of Creative Advertising

This post showcases the most unusual and creative advertising campaigns.

Hot Wheels Kids

Large billboards that look like kids were placed near the road in Mexico.

Hot Wheels Kids

Kagatani Knife Elevator Ad

Creative elevator ad in Japan promotes Kagatani kitchen knives. [more]

Kagatani Knife Elevator Ad

Angry Birds in Real Life

T-Mobile ad campaign features real life version of Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds in Real Life

McDonald’s Shake Boat

Unique boat promoted Shamrock green shakes during March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. [more McDonald’s ads]

McDonalds Shake Boat

Honda Cereal Box

Giant cereal box was placed in Vancouver to reveal 2012 Honda Civic.

Honda Cereal Box

Perth Zoo Tiger Bus

Come to the zoo before the zoo comes to you. [more ads on buses]

Perth Zoo Tiger Bus

Sea Life Rain Campaign

Every time it rains the image of an octopus appears on the street.

FedEx Always First

FedEx trucks advertise that they are faster than the competition.

FedEx Always First

Bubble Gum Balloon

Creative air balloon promotes Big Bloom gum. [more bubble gum ads]

Bubble Gum Balloon

Oldtimer Restaurants Tunnel

Creative ad for Oldtimer, a big Austrian chain of motorway rest stops.

Oldtimer Restaurants Tunnel

Ninja Star Ads

Clever stickers were used to promote new Japanese restaurant in Brazil.

Ninja Star Ads

Crashed Nike Ball

Large Nike soccer ball was smashed into the side of a building. [more]

Crashed Nike Ball

Interbest Outdoor Ads

Dutch advertising company used an overweight male stripper to build awareness of their billboard visibility. [more billboard ads]

Interbest Outdoor Ads

Coca-Cola Straw Poster

Brilliant ad reminds you to refresh on the Coca-Cola side of life. [more]

Coca-Cola Straw Poster

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  1. Norb

    Look to the Ninja sticker picture. Some photoshopdisaster shadows.

    It’s possible after a second look. Or maybe the shadow is part of the sticker advertising.

  2. Ging

    love the FedEx ad! Coolest!

  3. Stephan

    I love the giant cereal box one, it reminds me of Honey i shrunk the kids.

    I’m from Perth so i have seen that Tiger clawing the Bus around town :)

  4. Brittany

    I LOVE the Angry Birds one!!! I wish they had something like that in the states. :/

  5. Larna

    @Norb..i dont think that’s photoshop. thats the creative part making the sticker in 3d view. overall i like the most are hot wheels kid, perth zoo tiger bus. coca cola and nike never failed to impress me as usual. although im a fan of angry bird, but it seems impractical to chase the angry bird back to its place. but i guess the players are enjoying the live view.weeeeeee!

  6. ran

    i love all…the creator are truly creatives people,i really appreciate it

  7. Jumanicus

    awesome… just amazin

  8. meretoni

    apparently angry birds was fake… well it was for a commercial.. but they made it look awesome.


  9. Steve

    Love the “sooner you advertise” posters, it doesn’t bare thinking about!

  10. Ben

    They’re all just better than the previous one.
    So much creativity in the morning is nearly as good as a good coffee !

  11. Alice

    @Norb I don’t understand the problem with the ninja ad… Those are magnets, so they’re 3D, therefore making their own shadows as they stick perpendicular to the car.
    That’s my favourite, together with the bubble gum one – I think both have a startling impact when first encountered, which is exactly what advertising aims to do.

  12. hesam


  13. anonymous194

    The light for the ninja star one should either be coming from the top or top left. I agree with Norb… The ninja star in her hand should have a shadow like that…

  14. MJ

    i love this stuff!

  15. flatsolid

    The tunnel advertisement is great. With a less conventional face it could become a real work of art.

  16. Zerian

    The BBM stripper promotes the idea that all fat people are unnattractive. I don’t like that kind of thinking. Other than that, I like the rest.

  17. Darrell

    The Angry Birds thing! HOLY COUCH! Wish I could have played!!!!
    And I love the ninja star ads! GENIUS!

  18. anne

    as a marketer student… i do really appreciate all creative advertisement… it really captures the attention of people…

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