Harmless Weapons

Harmless Weapons

Series of weapons made from harmless materials by British artist Kyle Bean.

Guns, grenades, knives, and brass knuckles were created out of food, clay, soap, candles, and feathers. [photography by Sam Hofman]

Harmless Knife

Ice Cream Bomb

Harmless Weapons by Kyle Bean

Harmless Weapon

Candle Bullets

Bread Knuckles

Jello Grenade

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    ooh I love this paradox! Dangerous…not dangerous. :)

  2. Poet

    No, it’s a series of harmless materials shaped as weapons. Big difference.

  3. Dominic

    Cool ideas

  4. Robert Gracie

    Che Geevara man if you had him on the wall in the ’60s and ’70s you were a total utter rebel haha

  5. Subarulol

    i gotta say i’d love to eat that grenade :)

  6. MasterOche

    Ice cream, you scream, she scream for ice cream…….boom!!!
    Love the dinamite timer pop cicle

  7. g-unit

    Harmless Materials “is to” Weapons, as
    Not Dangerous “is to” Dangerous.

  8. I Like Traffic Lights

    Hehe. Feather Knife.

  9. Dave!

    I want the bullet candles!

  10. Doink

    Dangerously delicious!

  11. I Hate Traffic Lights

    These are some pretty awesome designs, although I personally think the feather knife (although not as original) looked the coolest.

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