Cool and Unusual Packaging

Cool and Unusual Packaging

The most creative, memorable, and eye-catching packaging designs.

Mouth Pizza Box

Colgate supplied pizzerias with creative pizza boxes designed to look like the inside of a human mouth. [more pizza ads]

Mouth Pizza Box

Sandwich Packaging

Creative lunchboxes with sandwiches designed by Emma Smart.

Sandwich Packaging

Egg Packaging

Innovative egg carton with rubber bands will hold eggs of any size.

Egg Packaging

Coca-Cola Transparent Cup

Cup with transparent window shows how much Coca-Cola is left.

Coca-Cola Transparent Cup

Umbrella Packaging

Creative Wine bottle inspired packaging for OFESS umbrellas.

Umbrella Packaging

Tetris Sugar

Sugar in the form of Tetris pieces designed by Danil Zdorov.

Tetris Sugar

Christmas Tea Packaging

Santa Claus and reindeer shaped tea bags come inside Christmas tree inspired box. [more creative tea packaging]

Christmas Tea Packaging

Gun Makeup Kit

Handgun shaped makeup kit designed by talented artist Ted Noten.

Gun Makeup Kit

Milk Packaging

Original double spouted milk jug designed by Kathleen Hills.

Milk Packaging

Dog Toy Packaging

Creative dog chew toy packaging designed by Mathilde Solanet.

Dog Toy Packaging

Nail Packaging

Unique and informative nail boxes designed by Pier-Philippe Rioux.

Nail Packaging

Baby Star Shoe Packaging

Cool packaging designed for Converse Baby Star shoes. When five boxes are placed together they form the shape of the Converse star.

Baby Star Shoe Packaging

Beer Packaging

End of History beer is packaged inside the bodies of dead animals.

Beer Packaging

Bread Packaging

Clever packaging designed by Envision for Kohberg bread buns. Part of the profits from sales goes to Danish breast cancer society.

Bread Packaging

Teddy Bear Blood Bag

Creative blood bag designed to look like a friendly Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear Blood Bag

For more designs, check out: 15 Examples of Creative Packaging

  1. MMM

    LOVE the sandwich box, what a nice way to have your lunch. Also the bun packaging for a good cause.

    Now onto the dead animal packaging? Really? Disgusting! And the Teddy bear blood bag? How morbid!

  2. Professor

    the teddy bear blood bag would be quite suitable for children’s hospitals

  3. Kev

    beer packaging is disturbing…

  4. Meenu

    I found the bear bag and beer packaging disturbing.

    My favourites are the pizza packaging and the shoe packaging.

  5. Urburos

    The blood bag will never actually be used for practical purposes, since it’s the gravity they use to force the liquid out and Junior has got 3 dead end deposits.

  6. Sharyn

    I loved the nail packaging and the sandwich packaging. I’d never eat pizza from someone’s mouth… or at least not until I knew them very well ;)

    Somebody should get the people who design packaging for Tea to design packaging for everything because there’s some amazing tea packaging. And I don’t think anyone’s ever had to resort to sticking tea into road-kill or a gun.

  7. MasterOche

    Nah! There are people with no sense of humor

  8. David

    I <3 bread

  9. Gert

    The pizza one grossed me out. The milk seemed a bit pointless but what do I know?

  10. Jess

    I love the bread packaging – very effective.

  11. Kirvi_Inci

    Isn’t the gun one similar to what Lady Gaga uses in the video for Judas? I love the idea and would love to have one to use. Though I would not be silly enough to use it in public. lol

  12. aokiharu

    I didn’t like the beer package at all…but the food packages are great!

  13. Bakageta-Koto

    The bear blood bag looks disturbing, but structurally, it looks like some would get trapped in his arms and other leg. Just all-around not a good idea.

  14. Rudy

    Most innovative, in my opinion is the Egg Crate &Danish Buns.
    Cute is the first impression or the Package of Nails but highly impractical; even with minimum handling all the nails will rip out of that package to scatter the floor.
    Take it from a contractor… Me!

    Much appreciated though.

  15. Claire

    I just don’t even know what to say about the beer packaged inside the dead squirrel. Not sure if I’m repulsed or want one.

  16. Kathy K

    Beer packaging is extremely disrespectful, not sure if it should be called “cool”.

  17. LanM

    The beer packaging makes me feel bad……

  18. I Like Traffic Lights

    The best one is the dog toy packaging.

  19. Peggy Chiu

    I love the nail packaging and the Baby Star Shoe packaging- Creativity!!

  20. ariana

    they should so use the teddy bear blood bag in children’s hospitals !

  21. rikitingting

    I like the Coke cup and Nail packaging, simple but creative! I find the Teddy Bear bag cute but impractical. The Beer packaging is just disturbing.

  22. Urusha

    I have the umbrella!!!!

  23. Jamie

    Love the Bear Blood Bag… what a great fun thing for children who are horrified or have to have procedures etc on the regular. A great way to lessen the tension and/or anxiety. It’s not morbid or disturbing at all in my opinion.

  24. Muhammad

    I loved the packaging of the nails because they are useful and less a fantasy
    Good luck to everyone

  25. krandreus

    the two controversial designs, in my opinion, are the most worthy of any comment. If your grand-father happened to have been a taxidermist it would be a shame not to put to good use and make art objects out of the stuffed beasts he’d left you. As for ‘bloody bear’ the extremities of course must not be dead-ending (should be redesigned as an upside down bear))

  26. jury

    blood package – enough stickers pictures – big cheerful smile, kind, cheerful sun. Smile, kind woman. The blood of an animal – hanging – no!Blood gives man! Picture pasted on the outside, can be turned inward package, When not transparent liquid flows, an image will appear surprise. If the package should be transparent – the picture may be several major Matt strokes – circuit smile.

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